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Do You…

Want to spend more time home and less time working late “doing admin”?
Want to scale your business without adding staff?
Grow to the next level without having to hire a COO or an extra layer of management?
Want to attract and retain A Players on your team?
Want to stand out from the crowd and market your services to cold traffic?
Want to leverage outsourcing and offshoring, but haven’t been able to make it work?
Need to get more done, but can’t afford to hire people?
Have you given up on transformative business improvements, frustrated by the glacial pace of your internal staff?
Do you struggle with procrastination and focus, constantly interrupted and having to put out fires?
Does it feel like everything takes far too long and requires too much of your involvement?
Do you have an email culture? Are you cc’d in on everything?
Are you fed up with your inefficient processes and don’t have time to document everything?
Are you flying blind because reports aren’t automated and you can’t analyse business performance?
Are you frustrated by a sales process that is mostly filled with pointless proposals and “following up”?
Have you given up on advertising-fuelled growth, instead to rely on comfortable referrals and lower growth?
Do you accept anyone and everyone as a client? Do you wish you could be more selective?
Are you struggling to differentiate yourself from the crowd?
Do you feel overwhelmed and confused by all of the technology systems and information available to you?

We created Automate Your Business to help you solve all of the above challenges and more. Automation isn’t about replacing staff, but enabling them to perform their best work, reliably and efficiently and in value-maximising ways.

Australia’s Premier Automation Experts, combining Business Strategy, Operational Management and cutting-edge Information Technology to enable rapid business growth.

We strive to deliver transformation, not just improvement for our clients. We want you to get results, not just feelgood from engaging our services. All our services are designed around outcomes. When you win, we win, it’s as simple as that. We’re here to be your long-term partner in success.

Transform your business into an automation powerhouse

Save years in the wrong systems, consultants and staff trying to get this right

Implement systems to support business processes and strategic transformation, not systems for their own sake

Attract leads on autopilot

5x the efficiency of your sales process

Streamline client onboarding

Drastically reduce the amount of admin and ad-hoc management you need to perform

Transform your work from admin, management and handling client exceptions to strategic and IP-creating work at 10x the value

Create happy clients through streamlined service experiences

Know where everything is

Integrate data and workflows across systems

Transform inefficient processes

Leverage the latest in systems and automation capabilities

Gain instant visibility into business operations in real time, not just lagging indicators in your financial reports

Leverage outsourced and offshore providers whilst simultaneously increasingly quality

Reduce the amount of time wasted on email by 90%

Have a procedure and a place for everything

Have true freedom in your personal life, with a business that works for you, not the other way around

Spend more time at home and be able to take holidays whenever you want without your business suffering

Significantly reduce stress and risk in your business

Increase the scalable value of your business

Empower your people & attract great people – work in a well-oiled machine

Our Mission

Hi, I’m David and I’m glad our paths have crossed. My mission and my purpose are to empower those who want to grow their business so they can spend more time with their families and pursue their passions.

As the father of a 3-year-old girl, I know how important it is to have quality family time… and the cost, and guilt, of having to spend countless hours on the business. As a competitive Masters swimmer and committee member, I also know the importance of pursuing your passions, joining a community and looking after yourself.

As the founder of multiple businesses, I also know what 80-hour weeks for years on end look like and the toll that takes on your health, relationships and energy.

Over the last 18 months, I’ve slowly transformed my business and my life and now my business is working for me, not the other way around.

My tools of the trade are strategy, innovative thinking, automation, systems and world-class operations management. I’m a practical, hands-on person, not an airy-fairy “vision” person. I believe that ultimately, we are in business to get. things. done.

Automate Your Business was created for small and medium professional services business owners who want to be “free” – to have a thriving business that enables lots of family and personal time, without sacrificing income. To enable you to work only on the “strategic work”, not the “operational stuff”. To reduce your and your staff’s workload. To achieve superior customer service. To maximise profit without sacrificing values or working yourself to the ground. To achieve scalability through higher margins and easier delivery. To feel part of a community of innovators. To connect those who want to leave their mark on the world, and create a legacy of honor, integrity, and achievement in every aspect of their lives.

Free Book: Automation Secrets

How to Automate Your Business… without increasing your Workload or having to hire a COO

The essential guide to business automation for professional services and consultancy practices.

What if I told you the things in your business that are stopping you from living your ideal life are easily fixable?

Learn how to turn your services-based business into an automation powerhouse. Just imagine… a business where potential customers are constantly knocking on your door, your sales process is 4x more efficient by eliminating unwanted proposals and follow-up, client onboarding is completely streamlined and all your staff are working like a well-oiled machine. What would that be like?

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How to increase profits by doing less work
How to spend more time in your zone of genius
How to streamline your workflow
Why automating just 3 key processes is all you need to significantly grow your bottom line
How to turn your business into something that can run without you, and that you can ultimately sell one day

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About David Kellam

David Kellam is the Founder and CEO of Automate Your Business, a specialist consultancy that leverages automation throughout the customer journey to generate more profit with less work. David helps 6 & 7-figure services-based business owners have more time to spend at home or traveling, greater security in having a saleable business asset and renewed energy through eliminating busywork, enabling them to work in their zone of genius.

David is a serial entrepreneur and business owner. He has 20 years’ commercial experience in strategic technology consulting, operations management, software development and startups.

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