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Join our LIVE Masterclass and learn “Automate Your Way to Your Next Million” LIVE Masterclass. Discover the three secrets to add $1M to your bottom line.

This intensive masterclass will show you step by step how to automate your marketing, sales and service delivery processes to add $1M to your bottom line within 2 years.

Monday, July 9th at 9 AM AEST (GMT+10)

David Kellam, Chief Automator at AutomateYourBusiness.com

If you’ve been struggling to build and scale your professional services business to 7-8 figure within 2 years, drastically reduce the amount of admin and ad-hoc management you need to perform, and spend more time at home and be able to take holidays whenever you want without your business suffering, then you’ll love what I’ve prepared for you.

Join us for Monday’s LIVE Million Dollar Business Automation Masterclass. It’s happening at 09:00 a.m. Australian Eastern and you can finally have more time to spend at home or travelling, generate more profit, security in having a scalable business asset and renewed energy through eliminating busywork. Sign up to save your spot for our upcoming masterclass.

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In this exclusive webinar, join David Kellam, CEO & Founder of Automate Your Business and discover how to:

Stop relying on referrals and “spray and pray” marketing and drive your business’ growth using sustainable, automated methods… all whilst reducing the load on your sales process.
Stop delegating the wrong way and do this instead to see a 10-20 hour reduction in your working week.
How to turn technology from an expense to the highest-generating ROI in your business.

Of course, there will be a replay available (we really hate artificial scarcity), but if you attend live, you’ll get:

The chance to ask questions every hour during our Q&A.
The chance to win a free Executive Automation Blueprint valued at $3,000. This Blueprint will provide you with a roadmap to bringing automation into your business. One attendee per masterclass will be chosen and invited to claim this prize.

Mon, July 9th

9 AM AEST (GMT+10)

Duration 1.5 Hrs

About The Presenter

David Kellam is a serial entrepreneur and business owner. As a business transformation consultant, David has built a reputation for transforming businesses through his unique combination of strategic foresight, innovative thinking, technology strategy, systems and process transformation and automation.

David helps:

  • small business owners add 7 figures to their bottom-line by systematising their business 7–>8 figures
  • individual consultants and service providers scale to having a profitable team 6–>7 figures
  • mid-sized non-profit organisations ($5M+) turn technology from an expense to an investment in capacity, mission delivery and organisational productivity
  • solve problems using technology and systems thinking – reach out and I’ll put you in touch with the right person/company if it’s not something we do in-house

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Monday 9th July 2018 9 am AEST (GMT+10) for the early birds!

Automate Your Business was created for small and medium professional services business owners who want to be “free” – to have a thriving business that enables lots of family and personal time, without sacrificing income. To enable you to work only on the “strategic work”, not the “operational stuff”. To reduce your and your staff’s workload. To achieve superior customer service. To maximise profit without sacrificing values or working yourself to the ground. To achieve scalability through higher margins and easier delivery. To feel part of a community of innovators. To connect those who want to leave their mark on the world, and create a legacy of honor, integrity, and achievement in every aspect of their lives. Take Action Now!

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