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Without increasing your Workload or having to hire a COO

The essential guide to unleashing the growth potential of your business whilst freeing you up from day-to-day management, administration and client work.

Streamline your systems
Reduce busywork
Save 10-20 hours a week of your personal management and admin time
Double your operating profit
Triple your current growth rate
Attract and convert more ideal clients, not just who gets referred to you
Take weeks off at a time without needing to check in at all
4-10x the asset value of your business
Empower your good performers to become great performers
Systematise your business without having to create endless policy & procedure documents that nobody reads
Reduce your business risk and personal stress
Spend more time in your zone of genius

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What if you could turn your business into a profit-generating machine that didn’t require your constant firefighting?

Learn how to turn your services-based business into a systematised machine. Just imagine… a business where potential customers are constantly knocking on your door, your sales is 4x more efficient by eliminating unwanted proposals and follow-up, client onboarding is completely streamlined and all your staff are working like a well-oiled machine. Is that doable?

Download this FREE eBook to find out. Introducing “How to Automate your Way to Your Next Million”. Hot off the press, this book will show you how to:

Align the right jobs with the right people, saving hundreds of thousands of dollars in people mistakes
Know which advertising spend is working, and which isn’t (or even open the floodgates to profitable advertising in the first place)
Turn technology from an expense to the highest-generating ROI you can put into your business
Leverage automation across your key systems and processes to reduce the administrative load on all your staff and enable them to bill more
Apply automation in unconventional
Pick the right business systems, in the right order, to power your growth
Resource the change and get it all done… quickly!


This is a book about strategy, about management – it’s especially about operations and it’s about mindset. It’s about the tools you need to automate your business and how to transform your operations to support growth through automation, not through grinding and sheer determination. But not just the tools, but how to apply them and link them all together to create a true business automation engine, a powerhouse for growth.

Get Started today by requesting your free copy of this eBook – 173 pages of actionable value. This isn’t some cheap throwaway PDF with rehashed ideas. It’s a unique blueprint to automating your business. Think The E-Myth Revisited™ and Work The System combined with an implementation guide on how to actually go about choosing and using the right information systems, backed by automating the right processes to actually achieve the nirvana of a McDonalds®-ified business.

About The Author

“I wrote this book to help small business owners of professional services really scale their business, without going nuts. So many business owners are the essential lynchpin in their entire operation – marketing, sales, delivery and admin. Without them, nothing works, for long. And the staff are a constant disappointment – 9 times out of 10 they are never as good as the owner. And professional service is a tough gig – it’s custom work, increasingly perceived as a commodity and yet operationally complex to deliver. We know we do great work, but clients often don’t see it. This book will help you create a business that stands out, and that operates with excellence.”

David Kellam @dkellam
Managing Director, Automate Your Business

David Kellam is the creator of the Business Automation Engine, a whole-of-business program that leverages automation throughout the customer journey to generate more profit with less work. David’s program gives professional services business owners more time to spend at home or travelling, security in having a saleable business asset and renewed energy through eliminating busywork.

David is a serial entrepreneur and business owner. He has 20 years’ commercial experience in business consulting, technical management, software development and startups. As a business transformation consultant specialising in automation, David has built a reputation for transforming businesses through his unique combination of strategic foresight, innovative thinking, technology strategy and systems thinking.

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