Virtual CIO Services

Technology Strategy is the difference between technology being a cost centre and a key profit driver. Too many businesses use technology to ‘keep the lights on’ and not to drive innovation, service improvement and sustainable competitive advantage. Developing and executing that strategy is the job the CIO plays. With Automate Your Business’ Virtual CIOs, you’ll have the hands-on guidance of an affordable expert. They understand the ins & outs of your organisation, create a big-picture strategy, manage process standardisation, workflow and make decisions to help your organisation become a leading industry player. Crucially, we’re hands on. So yes, we bring the heavy-hitting strategy and overarching technology expertise, but most importantly, we can implement it.

Virtual CIOs provide the expertise and analysis that turn your technology into a strategic advantage.


A Hands-On Strategic Technologist on your team

Transform Business Processes

Implement Business Systems

Manage Technical Complexity

Leverage Automation

Trust Automate Your Business With Your IT Strategy

If you’re running a services-based business, and you need a proactive, trusted advisor who can help you improve your business processes, chances are you could benefit from a Virtual CIO, from Automate Your Business. Virtual CIOs can be thought of as highly specialised consultants who have a deep knowledge of IT, business operations, and management.

And because you don’t have to hire a full-time CIO, your organisation can save money. Automate Your Business provides Virtual CIO Services on a “fractional” basis so that large and small organisations alike can gain access to strategic IT advice without having to make a significant investment in resources and professional development that would normally be required in order to bring these capabilities in-house. Discover how your fractional Virtual CIO can help your business’s technology needs.

Strategic Planning

Automate Your Business ensures that the vision for your business’s information technology is developed, documented and turned into an implementation plan

Continual Improvement

We build you a continual improvement execution machine. We work together as one virtual team, leveraging our bespoke Agile project management methodology, to ensure the continual delivery… and value extraction of technology and business process improvements.

Systems Architecture

We develop, maintain and improve your systems architecture, to ensure increasing aspects of your business are covered by best-in-breed technology, and leverage process automation as much as possible.

Change Management

Technology in isolation is useless – counterproductive even. We work to combine People, Process & Technology to ensure that the strategy, architecture & implementation work we do is actually embedded in your business to drive success.

Services include

IT Strategic Planning
IT Budget Planning & ROI Mapping
Technology Architecture
Systems Integration
Cloud Strategy
RFP Preparation & Proposal Review
Technology Project Management
Business Application Selection
Business Impact of Technology Decisions
Financial Budgeting, Forecasting & ROI Analysis
IT Department/Infrastructure Management (for more complex businesses, sitting on top of your managed services provider or internal IT team)
Business Systems Implementation
Marketing Automation Systems
CRM Systems
Project Management Systems
Communication Systems
Workflow Systems

Business Transformation through combining People, Process & Technology. It’s what we do.

David Kellam, Founder and CEO

How Can Virtual CIO Services Benefit Me?

We’re more than a ‘vendor’ – we’re your trusted technology advisors. As an Automate Your Business client, you’ll benefit from our years of experience and strategic approach with a dedicated Virtual CIO. Your Virtual Chief Information Officer will meet with you regularly to ensure continual improvement of your technology and its transformative impact on people and process.

Automate Your Business works with you to develop a tailored technology strategy, detailed systems architecture and then implementation roadmap. We then go about executing it leveraging a full vitual team of resources. We can work with you, in-house staff, your existing services providers, our staff, our network of trusted service providers or assist you in finding new vendors. This guarantees our independence and ability to add value where you need it and leverage other options where it makes more sense to do so.


The desired level of service will depend on the size and complexity of your organisation, as well as the scope of services to be delivered. This can change over time. We’re far more flexible than any employee or permanent contractor.

Fully Embedded Virtual CIO

Your Virtual CIO will be fully embedded within your organisation ensuring that your staff benefits from working alongside a highly-skilled professional, maximising opportunities for knowledge transfer.

Month-to-month Term

Unless there are initialisation costs that have been agreed up front, the Automate Your Business Virtual CIO service can be procured on a month-by-month basis meaning that you are not tied to a long-term contract.

Specialist Skills

Our Virtual CIOs are all multi-skilled business and technology professional, backed by a network of experts and service providers. If it’s technology in the SME space, we can cover it for you.

Software we work with

We actively work with over 100 SaaS solutions and ‘integration glue’ and have dealt with hundreds more on an occasional basis. We’re specialists at technology and business process improvement, but generalists when it comes to the technology tools we use to implement. Where specialist skills are required, we have relationships with trusted partners to help deliver those (usually enterprise) solutions. So rest assured we can handle all the technology in your business, both as your Virtual CIO, and in terms of implementation.